The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory is open from November 2!

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The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory is open from November 2!

From Monday, the AuraMedic magnetic resonance laboratory is available for patients in BK Tower. Registration is already open. For registration, please call (42) 233-82-82 or visit our website. 
The laboratory has an open, top-quality APERTO Lucent 0.4T Open MRI Scanner by Hitachi. The unique single-pillar design creates a sense of space for the patient, while the very low noise level allows for testing without the need for headphones or earplugs.
This makes it possible to perform tests comfortably on people who find it difficult or impossible to stand testing in a traditional closed-loop device:

  • persons with claustrophobia 
  • persons with noise hypersensitivity
  • in children (the guardian can stay with the child during the examination)


Our apparatus allows for testing of people with metallic elements in the body (implants, etc.), who cannot undergo testing with standard magnetic resonance imaging devices.

For more information, please visit the Laboratory website.

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