Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy

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Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric therapy provides oxygen to all cells that have died due to hypoxia. Oxygen administered under pressure revives them significantly and stimulates their functioning. Behind most diseases, there is lack of oxygen at the cellular level. While the person is in the hyperbaric chamber, the damaged cells “wake up” and activate. Oxygen therapy is used in the treatment of many diseases, e.g.:

  • in nervous system diseases
  • in cardiovascular diseases
  • systemic diseases

By using the hyperbaric chamber, the ageing of the skin and internal organs is slowed down. It also increases the healing process, involving even difficult-to-heal wounds, reduces swelling, accelerates the processes of convalescence after surgery. In addition, it improves body performance, which is important to a large extent for sports professionals. Hyperbaric chamber sessions improve overall body fitness and may even rejuvenate the body.
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