Sports field OMS & BK Tower

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Sports field OMS & BK Tower

Dreams are meant to come true; for this very reason, Orto Med Sport patients will soon enjoy a modern sports complex for safe introductory training and practicing their sports disciplines. The OMS pitch will also be available for children and adolescents, whose prophylaxis and sports education has always been taken care of by Dr. Bartłomiej Kacprzak. The pitch is being built on the plot at 28 Pułku Strzelców Kaniowskich Street, in front of BK Tower.
Introductory training should always take place under the physiotherapist’s and doctor’s supervision, which in a way helps the patient to “rebuild trust” in their injured limb and overcome the fear of injury recurrence. Our experience proves that athletes are particularly afraid of recurring injury, and it stops them from recovering to the previously reported standard. For this very reason, such an athlete is under the care of a mental trainer, doctor and physiotherapist, who work together to prepare the athlete for their return to sports. Most importantly, only the attending doctor is allowed to decide on their return to sport, and only once all criteria have been met.
More about returning to sports after injuries – see “ACL BK21. Protokół rehabilitacyjny” (“ACL BK21. Rehabilitation Protocol”) by Bartłomiej Kacprzak and Konrad Waszczykowski. This publication is available at

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